We have been manufacturing wall mirrors in
the east end of London since 1981

Sourcing the finest quality raw material and transforming them into beautiful hand crafted mirrors. A true British Manufacturer. A family run business with a motivated workforce in producing quality always.

Our extensive capability and technical ‘know how’ allows us to create unique and exclusive product ranges to our trade clients requirement. We are the leading mirror manufacturer in the UK with an extensive portfolio of key suppliers within the Home sector.

Quality is at the forefront of our thinking, with the detailed finishes and crisp reflective qualities clear to see. Our team of local craftsmen and women use only the finest quality material to create our beautiful designs making Yearn mirrors desirable and timeless. Mirrors that can stand the test of time no matter the era. Yearn mirrors are capable of hanging in situe for decades whilst still looking current.

Our quality is constantly under review to ensure we exceed consumer expectation. Quality checks are performed daily by our experienced production team at every stage of our production line. This is a standard part of our process. Our founders have an obsessive passion for attention to detail and to this day still oversee production. We have absolute control over the level of finish as a manufacturer.

This is all made possible by our highly experienced team of Artisans that include polishers, gilders, wood machinists, glass processers, mould makers, PU injection and our assembly team. This very unique and diverse team create the secret formula of a Yearn Mirror. This is emphasised by passion for what they do. Beautiful mirrors hand crafted in London.

‘At Yearn we believe that our highly skilled production staff are our best asset’, This is made clear to see with the attention to detail in each Yearn Mirror.